12 Jun 2021

51 businesses you can start in Nigeria.

51 businesses you can start in Nigeria.

No matter how much the salary you earn from a paid employment is, there is nothing like having your own business or a side hustle because expenses is on the increase daily and the income available to satisfy them is limited and remember that the higher your income the more your expenses would be. The side hustle or business you want to venture into can either serve as your savings or be used to cater for your expenses which would enable you to make your salary as your savings as this totally depends on you and the expenses you have to cater for. Choosing to be an entrepreneur is not something that is so easy as it requires lot of sacrifices and it is riskier than being employed as a staff but if the business turns out well the benefits would make you happy and make you understand that the stress is worth it. There are so many businesses that you can venture into with little capital which would yield revenue for you as a self-employed person or a person in need of a side hustle to join with your low salary or high salary. There are some business ideas which would be easy for you to combine with the full time job you have while there are some which might not be easy to combine with a full time job, it depends on you and how you can manage your time and how well you can combine stuff and get a great result from whatever you decide to venture into. This article consist of 51 side hustle or business ideas you can engage into while working as a full time staff thereby enabling you to enable you to keep your day job i.e. your primary source of income. The side business ideas or hustle are as follows;

  1. You can start a blog; Many people are making so much money by being a blogger for example Linda Ikeji who is a successful millionaire from her blogging activities in which she shared her story about it. As a blogger you can create profitable contents on topics relating to home cooking, life styles, travels, movie guide, lifestyle, business and so much more. You need to know what your audience needs and then you make use of it to catch their attention, many people grow their blogging activities thereby making their money and thanks to subscribers, affiliate marketing, blogs sponsorships and other revenue streams. To start a blog you need to get your technical stuff ready and you also have to employ the right set of blogging tools to grow your blog along the way as the next thing is taking your time to understand your audience so that you can give them what they want and they can be interested in visiting your blog. Trust me being a blogger is really a nice and affordable side hustle and if properly looked into would generate enough revenue.
  2. You can venture into web designing; This is highly lucrative because the world is going digital and so many companies or organizations are in need of a web designer in other to design their online site. A freelance web designer is a top side business idea as it is all about mastering the art of creating beautiful, value driven experience for people using a website or an app. As a freelance web designer you can study more about it online on “Udemy” and other online sites which would help you earn a reasonable income as a freelance web designer.
  3. You can become a web developer;As a web developer you can build incredibly valuable skills that are in high demand and this can be a side hustle as you still focus on your primary source of income. Over time you would build more relationships, have more experience and take this business idea to become your full source of income as both big and small companies are in need to a web developer who would help them to develop their website.
  4. Instagram Marketing; In Nigeria, most people are on Instagram 24/7 and they really value the platform plus the platform has helped lot of people and transformed their lives into a better one. Your life can be transformed when you make use of this page wisely by building your followers and making your account active which would enable major brands to approach you for their adverts and other relevant businesses that sells products or services that can be advertised on Instagram. If you have adequate marketing skills you can charge these companies and earn your income which makes it profitable side business.
  5. Online Coach; If you are very good at something and also very passionate about it you can start to offer this services online and be an online coach to people in need of this service as this is the most dependable side business ideas that leverage our skills. You have to make sure you have sound knowledge about what you are coaching people on as you would not like to be caught up in a case in which you would not be able to render help or assistance on. Creating a space for this activity is very simple and easy and if you are very good at what you are doing people would patronize you and you would earn your money.
  6. Amazon reselling; Anyone can sell goods on Amazon provides you have the products to be sold, bought or re sold. There are many valuable things that can be re sold on line as a lucrative business and you can also research about this to know how to grow your business idea from a side business to a main source of income as it is highly lucrative.
  7. Local Business Consulting; If you have developed your business to a certain and good level over the years you can consider putting this skills into use by offering consulting services to local business owners and trust me this is highly lucrative as you earn much from being a consultant. Whether you are an expert, marketer or business strategist there are local businesses out there who are willing to pay you to help them solve an issue with their company.
  8. Phone Case Business; There are so many people who value phone accessories in Nigeria and they love to make sure that their phone looks good on the outside which makes it possible for you to get your own phone case business up and running and with proper service and marketing it would grow over the year.
  9. Commission only Sales; If you are a person who has great skills at connecting with people and also have the willingness to take risk, a commission freelance sales role would be a great side business for you as there are many companies who needs people to do this and a certain percentage would be paid to them. You can develop your sales strategy and become a sales rep and use your free time to advertise these products to your colleagues or people and get them sold in other to earn your money.
  10. Tax Preparation; Every business and individuals needs a tax expert to help them prepare their tax returns especially small business owners, since you have an in-depth understanding on how to prepare tax returns tax season is a time for you to charge as a freelance tax preparer.
  11. Remote English Teacher; Many people are interested in understanding how to speak English as it is the most common and most acceptable language in the world and serving as an English tutor is a great way to put your skills to work.The fact that many people are interested in understanding and speaking English is encouraging and if you decide to venture into this, this would be your season for a great cash out.
  12. Social Media Manager; We all spend so much time on social media and we can decide to utilize this and make money from it. Lot of companies including small ones needs help of people to build their brands online, most people who engage in this use it as their side business and earn from it.
  13. Google Paid Ad Specialist; Knowing some things about paid internet marketing ant is a great way to make extra income as a side business idea. You should brush up your knowledge on the right business slang and industry jargon used in online marketing and you would gradually start bringing in more clients as your consulting business grows.
  14. Presentation Design Consultant; Power point presentation especially when it involves a big project requires outside consulting every now and then, you can assist companies to design their PowerPoint presentations in a nice way which is a very lucrative side hustle.
  15. Travelling Consultant; If you have passion when it comes to travelling you can provide this service to people and earn from it. Build your travel consulting side business and inform people about the latest deals when it comes to travelling and also assist people in making their dream trips a reality, it would be a great deal.
  16. Interior Design Consultants; Many Nigerians are really concerned about their interior décor and would pay much to get it done properly. If you are this type of person that your subscribers or clients gives satisfactory comments you are good to go to earn that money you need to earn.
  17. Babysitter; Babysitting is highly lucrative as most salary earners cannot take their babies to work and at the same time they would not want to leave their baby alone with no one at home but as a baby sitter you can assist by taking care of these babies when their parents are off to work. You can make enough side cash by rendering this service and this kind of side business idea is lucrative.
  18. Property Managers; If you know or have people who needs someone to manage their property, you can volunteer to do this as a side hustle and earn cool cash form this with little work from your side. You would be responsible for collecting rent checks, managing repairs and improvements, being called upon for emergencies and this is important for most real estate investors.
  19. Wedding Photographer; Nigerians do not joke with parties most especially weddings and they love to take enough pictures during this ceremony. This is a very good side business as this is mostly done on Friday evening till Saturday evening and by then you would have enough time to do this as it falls during the weekend. If you do it properly and your work is loved by people be ready for referrals and more jobs to be done meaning more money to be earned.
  20. Online Dating Consultant; Many people even adults needs people to talk to about their relationship, people who would not be able to Recognise them and provide adequate solution to the problem at hand. If you are a smooth talker and you have this skills, you can work on it and provide this service to people and trust me you would earn much from it because there are many people out there who needs help as regards their relationship.
  21. Writing Erotic Fictions; The demand for this anywhere is high and people need that fiction to read, digest and imagine. If you have the imagination and a clever pseudonym you can make writing an erotic fiction your side business idea and earn from it.
  22. Writing Greeting Cards; If you are a good poem writer do not waste this skill instead venture into writing greeting cards as it is in wide use by people. If you are a smart thinker who is good with words and you are so sure of what you are writing you can use this skill to earn cool cash and cash out.
  23. Uber ride; This is a good side business which you can engage into after working hours or during the weekend or whenever you want as a full time salary earner. In Nigeria most especially Lagos it is a lucrative business as people are many in this part of the country and some people who have the money would not want to queue for buses, they would prefer to order a ride which is highly lucrative.
  24. Art Collector; Many art students are willing and ready to sell their art work if you bargain well for it, after many years this can be sold for a very good price especially when such art work is scarce and is needed by people. This is a lucrative side business if properly looked into.
  25. Catering Service; If you are a great cook do not waste your talent and invest this talent into rendering services for people as this service is mainly built when you get happy referrals. Plus if you do well and build the right social standards you can make it your main source of revenue and earn big from this service.
  26. Online News Correspondent; You do not need to go to school to study this these days just be a smooth talker and someone who is vast in the usage of words as there are many news websites who are in need of getting local coverage and are willing to compensate contributors based on the revenue generated per article. This is a great side hustle if properly looked into.
  27. Patent; This side business is not for everyone, you do not have to re-invent the wheel to make good money from your patent concept just make sure that your ideas can be affordably produced and it can never be sued in the future.
  28. Data Analysis; Many companies need people who are good at analyzing data making this a lucrative business if you have the right credentials and experience. You would earn big from this business.
  29. Acquire and Resell parts from Electronic Stores; Electronic stores throw out everything from their stores and if you have the skills of rummaging around dumpsters as these things thrown out can be recycled you can earn a bit from this.
  30. Freelance Writing and Copywriting; Every website owner hires a copywriter to write content for things about pages, frequently asked questions or blog posts. The wages for this is hourly but as a novice copywriter it isn’t so high but with more experience you can grow your portfolio well and become a renowned freelance writer and cash out from it.
  31. Licensed Product Distributor; licensing a product for sale is a very good and lucrative side hustle and you have to incest intelligently to sell a product you believe in so you would reap form it later on.
  32. Filling Online Surveys; filling some online surveys such as survey junkie, user interviews and so on pay out a little and the pay comes in form of PayPal or Amazon gift cards so if you have free time visit these sites and use it to while away time. Do not focus on this side hustle alone but also add another side hustle to be able to cash out.
  33. Personal Fitness Trainer; If you have a right combination of charisma and business sense working as a part time trainer is a good side business which can be physically and financially rewarding. It could turn out as a full business for you if the right set of people is involved and you would cash out from it as many Nigerians are already concerned about their physical appearance.
  34. Start a YouTube Channel; Spending time on YouTube can be a good business Idea if taken seriously and if a value driven video can be created by you and you grow your subscribers your videos would start generating substantial income from the ads displayed on your videos. Many You Tubers make millions yearly if they have the right content, audience, skills, relationship and timing. You should consider the use of a good camera and a good microphone since the quality of production is important as poor quality may discourage viewers form viewing.
  35. Tour Guide; You can act as a tour guide when travelers frequently visit and when you have new people who love the city you live, you can serve as a tour guide by taking them around and trust me you might be extremely lucky to cash out greatly from this service because in this service your attitude and how you intend to carry your guest along is everything.
  36. Music Instructor; You can decide to take being a music instructor as a side business and cash out form it by teaching people how to play musical instruments privately because in Nigerian most parents wants their children to know how to play one musical instrument or the other so you can earn much from this service.
  37. DJ; You can take your time to develop this skills and become a professional at mixing your own music and turn up at local events. Your knowledge of sound design, mixing and music production would help you well in this business and if properly handled it can be your major source of income.
  38. Clothing and Tailoring; In Nigeria, fashion, style and grooming is highly lucrative as there are one events or the other weekly and this can be done hours after work. There is no harm in starting small and growing from there as long as you can make incredible styles and you are good with needle and thread you would cash out from this business and also decide to make it your full source of income.
  39. Baking; You do not need to leave your primary source of income for this as this is a proper side business which is highly lucrative if properly looked into and you can cash out from it if you are good at what you are doing.
  40. Investing your Money; You can consider investing the amount you have saved rather than putting it in your account as you can invest in stock and so many other things if you want your shares to grow and avoid jumping into bit coin and other new stuff without a proper understanding of the trend and analysis.
  41. Investing others Money; Helping others to grow their money is a lucrative business and it is a good way to grow your own financial worth as a side business idea as you can earn freelance commission or consulting fees and get the required results for your clients.
  42. Accounting and Bookkeeping; Many companies and startups now outsource jobs that aren’t part of their core business which is a great opportunity for starting a side business idea that engages you and comes with adequate cash out.
  43. Car Washing and Detailing; Lot of car owners do not have the time to take proper care of their cars making them sparkle less meanwhile in your free time you can decide to engage in this service after work or during weekends and make cool cash from this.
  44. Care giving; This often requires taking care of elderly people as most people hire people who can take care of their elderly people and show them love and attention therefore taking proper care of their wards and they would pay these hired people for their services. You can venture into this and cash out from this in your free time.
  45. House Cleaning; If you want to earn more you can opt for house cleaning services as a side hustle as you can also hire people to do this and take care of the administrative part of this service or you can decide to do it yourself till you have the resources to hire people to do this. This is a lucrative work and you can do this during the weekends as that is when most peoiplke hire people to clean up their house.
  46. Computer Repair; As a person with a primary source of income you can provide home service for this type of business idea and earn big from it.
  47. Modeling; If you have the attitude and look there is a service put there in need of the right model to grow their brand and you can sign up at a large agency and also find a mentor who can assist you with this.
  48. Computer trainings and lessons; Everyone needs technical knowhow even little kids due to how the world is going digital, if you have the proper skills for this you can pot for this during the weekend when the kids are also free and give them the training needed to know about computer and also cash out from this service.
  49. Real Estate and Sales Consultant; You can earn significant additional side income as a home based real estate consultant and if you are a smooth talker and also know how to win the heart of your customers or clients. This is a big opportunity for you to cash out as a side business.
  50. Making Hand Made jewelry; This market is large especially in Nigeria where there are many people who love jewelries, you can make some during your free time and sell them at reasonable prices and cash out from this service.
  51. Unisex Salon; Nigerians especially Lagosians are fashion conscious so you can set up a unisex salon that would cater for both male and female and help with their hair. You can hire people to do this job and see to the administrative part and you can start small by providing home service after working hours or during the weekend.
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In conclusion, there are numerous businesses that can be combined with your primary source of income and earn more, when you grow this business well and you have enough clients or customers you can decide to focus on this business and be a boss of your own because there is nothisng compared top being your own boss.


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