Our team of experts are available to provide Board Advisory Services that provides greater flexibility in structure and management. We are available to share the best practice on a whole range of boardroom challenges and keep your executives alert to the relevant application of constitutions, codes, regulation, listing rules, powers and procedures.

Board Advisors play an increasingly significant role in assisting companies through the period of economic uncertainty, regulatory change and intense global competition. Another reason why a large number of organisations are appointing advisory boards is so that it can receive expert advice on emerging technology or scientific advances, or to gain insight into doing business in diverse global markets.


Understanding Board of Advisors
A group individuals who have been selected to advise a business owner on a number of business-related issues on how the business owner can better manage the company are known as Board of Advisors. Advisory board members are likely to be veteran business professionals who offer expertise a business owner may lack. An advisory board provides new insights and unique perspectives to an organization. An advisory board can also enhance an organization’s reliability with clients and investors and expand a company’s networking contacts.

An advisory board adds value to an organization by exposing the management and main board to new thinking, thereby broadening horizons, improving understanding of a company’s markets, risks and future drivers of growth, challenging assumptions and guarding against groupthink. Having an advisory board means that an organization has access to the strategic advice and complementary skills required to take the organisation to greater heights.




Reasons why you should contact us for your Board Advisory Services

We are available to evaluate your board and review its effectiveness. We build a custom-solution for whatever your governance needs are. We’ll train your directors on statutory duties, and new directors as part of their induction. We can also draft sections of your annual report, strategic report or Chairperson’s script, and offer advice and guidance on the application of new corporate governance legislation, regulation and code.​


Our Board Advisory Service offerings

  • Board Assessment
  • Director Recruitment
  • CEO Advisory Services
  • Governance best practices
  • CEO Succession Advisory
  • Pre-IPO board development
  • Board committee evaluations
  • Executive Assessment Advisory
  • Board training and development
  • Strategic and succession planning
  • Merger and Acquisition Consulting
  • Board effectiveness and assessment
  • Director recruitment and onboarding
  • Board composition and compensation
  • Leadership succession and development
  • Board, committee and director evaluations
  • Reference checking and board compensation
  • Development of board support tools including board documents, policies and processes


Roles of Advisory Board members

Each organisation determines the roles and responsibilities of its advisory board to enable it achieve its goal. However, suggested roles for advisory board members include but not limited to the following:

  • To developing an understanding of the business, market and industry trends
  • To provide good guidance on issues raised by owners/directors or management
  • To encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas
  • To act as a resource for executives
  • To provide social networking platform for directors and the company
  • To encourage the development of a governance framework that enable sustainable growth of the company
  • To monitor business performances while challenging the directors and management to consider options that could improve the business


Benefits of an Advisory Board

Having an advisory board is one practical way of filling the competencies gap that a startup may have. Some benefits of having an advisory board are:

  • To benefit from the skills and knowledge of advisors who have practical experience in growing a business
  • To enhance the company’s reputation and credibility in the business environment
  • To increase the confidence the consumer and investor has in the organisation
  • To attract superior employees by demonstrating a commitment to company growth
  • To create a potential source of members for the ‘main’ board as the company grows


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