Business Coaching Services.

Business Coaching is offering advice and guidance to Business Owners in running their business by helping them clarify their vision of their business and its fit with their personal goals. It seeks to get a business owner from where they are to where they want to be. In Business Coaching, the Business Coach assist the Business owner in planning and keep them accountable so that they can achieve success.

The expertise of the Business Coach is put on the table for the Business Owner to reach new heights. A Business Coach skills could be in Leadership, developing, building, finance, marketing, operations, accounting, budgeting, audit and public relations.

When you need a Business Coach

Cash-Flow Problems:  We can help you work within budgets, streamline costs and manage cashflows, by working with you not to have your finance tied-up in inventory, debts etc

Crisis Management or Business Transition: Unforeseen events or significant business disruptions can rock a company to its core. With one-on-one or group business coaching, you have the resources to adapt quickly.

Talent Management: Hiring, managing and retaining top-tier employees is one area you may need help

Sales and Revenue Growth:  We help you come up with individual strategies, fine-tune, increase awareness of your brand, reach more markets and make profits.

Process Improvements: When you need to creating operations and systems that work for your business and maintain your sanity.

Personal Accountability: When you need someone to bring you back from the stress in the business place. You want to be provide a ladder, direction and made accountable to convert problems to growth opportunities.  When you need  someone who you esteem and respect to hold you accountable for executing your plan, you put pressure on yourself to stay focused and follow through at your highest level.

Strengthen General Business Acumen: We sharpen your skills, develop new practices or get up-to-date with the most current business methods

Business Growth: When you need help grow your business in a sustainable way and to decrease reliance on yourself to be  able to maintain a fulfilling life outside of work.

Business Structure: When you need a  structure  for your business anda step-by-step, progressive plan of action that helps cut out unnecessary tasks and focuses in on the truly important business needs.

Independent Opinion: When you need a valuable outside perspective to help solve problems and shift focus. They can offer advise on  downsizing, pivoting, changing locations, or any other circumstance,


  1. Schedule a Free Consultation

We agree on expectations, roles and end goals to transform the business — and yourself.

  1. Assess the Business and Develop an Action Program

We sign off the Coaching Contract and create an action plan of work, agree same with the Business Owner.

The Action Plan include: individualized business assessments, data collection, observation and meetings

  1. Implement the Action Program

We set up learning sessions, administer workshops and provide ongoing mentorship until your small business sees real development.

  1. Conclude the Programme

We do an evaluation of your business’s progress, including quantifiable results to prove how you’ve addressed your pain points and cultivated growth. You are now equipped with the tools, skills and resources to take your small business to the next level.

Our offering of Business Coaching Programs

We offer one-on-one (Individual) and group business coaching.

Individual Coaching:

Individual coaching is, well, as its name implies. You work, meet and interact with your coach or consultant in reoccurring, one-on-one settings — in-person or online — to work through your administered program.

We work, meet and engage, one-one- either in person or online through the agreed programme on each meeting.

Group Coaching:

In the Group Business Coaching Class, we address the needs of the business pain points, issues and in the process see that your skills are developed

Length of Business Coaching Programs

The time we spend in a business coaching programs depends on the unique goals, current business challenges and desired level of service.

We can do from 90days to 365days. We can arrange it to be a weekly, forthnightly or monthly or quarterly sessions within the contract duration.

Our fees can be:

Per Hour

You pay us per number of hours spent with you on each session at the agreed rate per house. Per Session could costs as much as ₦190,000 or as low as ₦50,000

Package Fees

Business coaching professionals could also opt to charge based on your entire package of devised mentorship services, which you may pay for in bulk or installments.

We can also agree payment based on a lump sum for the entire duration of the contract but you will be allowed to pay it in installments or in at once

Coaching Content and Structure

(i)         Coaching sessions and content will vary greatly depending on your business, needs,goals, desired outcomes, priorities, budget and other factors. Typical areas and tasks we may perform include, but are not limited to:

  1. Systems and areas for improvement
  2. Time Management
  3. Planning, productivity and proiritisation
  4. Brainstorming and brain-dumping all the things that are troubling you
  5. Ideas and strategies to move towards their goals
  6. Recommended apps and tools for organisation and productivity
  7. Plans and strategies for business improvement
  8. Priorities and training for various stages of business and project
  9. Advice and training on outsourcing and streamlining

j      Financial planning and advice

  1. Social Media paid advertising

l     Workflow and SOP/Business Policy & Procedure creation

m   Outsourcing and delegation

n    Content planning and management

o    Accounting & Financial Reporting

p    Management

q    Human Resources

r    Credit Management

s    Strategic Planning, Budgeting



Business coaching is a highly customized process, designed keeping in mind the following primary factors:

Entrepreneur’s mindset

Shareholder’s risk taking ability

Organization capability

Organization vision and goals

Organization succession

The 5 Step coaching process:

Assess the current situation – Gap Analysis – What needs to be addressed?

Set goal matrix – Where to reach? Define the final milestone – The Vision

Action Plan – How to reach? What sequential steps need to be taken? How to address the en-route challenges

Execution strategy – Who will do, by when? Team empowerment – Authority, Accountability, Responsibility

Goal Achievement – Where & When did you reach? Analyze performance


  1. Assessment. Simple but powerful way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s business. We perform an assessment of how well the business is doing in each area covered by the C.A.S.T.L.E. Model for business growth & success.
  2. Business model toolkit. Creation of the business revenue, profit, and cash flow model
  3. Choose the best tactics to grow and improve results. Tactics to grow revenues, reduce costs, and improve cash flow. That way, the business is always testing new ways to be more profitable and grow.
  4. Marketing foundation and message. Every business needs a compelling marketing message. Walk you step-by-step through to the pieces of a marketing message that attracts new prospects and customers.
  5. The marketing collateral generator. This toolkit shows you the keys to developing all kinds of marketing collateral: postcards, website copy, marketing letters, flyers, brochures, tv spots, radio spots, email newsletter, email broadcast, and more.
  6. Leverage. Set of tools to finally get out of the business and start running it like a true CEO and entrepreneur. There are 9 points of leverage that we teach, and this toolkit includes interactive worksheets covering each of these.
  7. Strategic planning. We offer a dozen worksheets — all in Excel format — to help you develop a strategy that gives the business an edge, and that actually gets implemented. You can use this toolkit alone to lead strategic retreats, facilitate strategic decisions, and coach an entire executive team through the strategic planning process.
  8. Service excellence. This toolkit walks you and your clients through a proven process to delight customers, win raving fans, and keep customers coming back loyally. We offer Customer Service toolkit that makes our customers delighted, get loyal fans.
  9. Succession planning. We also offer exit planning and succession planning and develop leaders motivate them to bring out their best.


Legal requirements

We set goals together in the initial session and discuss these and new goals and directions at each session. We may develop a schedule or revise on an ad-hoc basis throughout the duration of our sessions.

You will have plans and opportunities to work on certain areas and tasks between sessions which will help to move you toward your goals.

The focus of all of my coaching is to ‘Plan + Do’. All of my sessions, workshops,

Coaching Sessions

(i)Individual sessions are generally held online via Skype or Zoom,  but in-person sessions may be available depends on agreement

(ii)        Group sessions are held online via Skype or Zoom or in person at workshops, meetups   and private events

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Small Business Coach?

  1. Specialization

You get specialized benefits from us in Operations, Finance, Employee Management, Sales, Project Management and Accounting. When you need IT, we will refer you to another specialist.

  1. Strategic Direction and Soundboarding

Goals, timelines and outline the functional details delivery

  1. Fresh, Unbiased Perspective
  2. Conflict or Pain-Point Resolution

Operational Problems

Support to overcome sloppy supply chain management, marketing stagnation, low customer retention, budget management or any woe in between

Interpersonal Issues

Work with you to resolve conflicts

  1. Confidence

We offer tactical solutions and skill sets that boost your confidence in your business type.

Evaluate Our Services

QoQ Sales Growth: Compare finances from the previous quarter with the current one.

YoY Sales Growth

You can also compare year on year sales growth

Process Improvements

We can also measure whether plans, time spent, costs improved after the session from the baseline.

Goals Achieved

Check the achievement of the planned goals



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