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A feasibility study examines how practical a proposal, business venture or idea is as the principal function of a feasibility study is to determine if the project should continue or not. One of the major reasons for conducting feasibility study is that it helps a business to focus on the project and narrow down on the possibilities of the project.

Types of Feasbility Studies

There are different types of feasibility tests which are

Operational Feasibility

Technical Feasibility

Economic Feasibility

Schedule Feasibility

Financial Feasibility

Managerial Feasibility

Political Feasibility

A feasibility study should typically include six sections or components, it must include the description to your business, a market feasibility study, a technical feasibility study, a financial feasibility study, a financial feasibility study, an organizational feasibility study and your conclusions. The five areas of feasibility are Technical, Economic, Legal, Operations and scheduling as a feasibility study represents the definition of a problem or opportunity to be studied, an analysis of the current mode of operation, feasibility study also includes a definition of requirements, an evaluation of alternatives, and an agreed upon course of action. A feasibility document report is needed and it is a document that assesses the potential solutions to the business problem or opportunity and it determines what is viable for further analysis.

We are a qualified feasibility consultant who is independent with a recognized experience in the type of operation to be examined as we also make use of critical path analysis which is widely used as a project management tool that uses network analysis to help handle complex and time sensitive operations.

Who Are We?

Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) undertakes feasibility study services for its clients or customers. The firm was registered as a limited liability company at the Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2012. Our company advises clients on matters involving business establishment in Nigeria and commences the incorporation of companies at the Corporate Affairs Commission.

We support your company with your business objective which is really important to us as a service provider. Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) specializes in business-oriented support activities, in the face of ever-transforming global executive environment, our company take pride in our ability to familiarize to the market and devise innovative strategies to help firms with their vision, mission and objectives. We help and advice organizations in complying with government regulations, such as, Pencom Compliance, ITF compliance, NSITF Compliance, Insurance Compliance, Compliance with Tax Laws and Tax Authorities.

Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) also assist private and public companies be it new or old with foreign equity participation in their capital structure and attaining foreign investment approvals, which such companies are statutorily required to obtain. We provide timely and cost effective solutions to both simple and complex requirements as our market feasibility experts provides a thorough research service that covers the full spectrum of global market assessment as we also engage professionals on this field in other to obtain a comprehensive overview of market potential and risks, the one that addresses demographic, legal, economic, technical, financial and competitive factors.

Our group is made up of seasoned professionals with far-reaching experience in feasibility study in Nigeria and this enables our company to a report that can be fully depended on by our clients or customers which can be either local or international clients or customers in various sectors. At Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) we help you achieve the expected result which is important in the achievement of your goals and objectives at minimal cost

Our team has acquired enormous experience over the years in the area of feasibility study and this knowledge is of great benefit to the firm in supporting its various consulting services.

Our Feasibility Study services includes

Executive summary

Market feasibility

Technical feasibility

Financial feasibility

Organizational feasibility

Why companies needs Company a feasibility study services – is because this study helps entrepreneurs and managers to have a better understanding of the areas of the projects that needs more strategic attention to it would lead to the success of the venture or business. Whether positive or negative the findings may uncover unknown market opportunity which can help to set a stage for some unsuccessful produce or service commercialization and these findings derived from conducting a feasibility study would also be useful for the insights and serve as a bench mark for the project as it moves forward to the commercialization process.

The factors needed to enter into the final decision as to whether the project or venture is feasible or not and also know whether the project is not feasible and this involves financing, staff resources, market demand, the competitive landscape, time and space constraints.

Therefore, feasibility study is important and useful for business and this arises with a benchmark which is important for the success of any business. Then, it develops the company’s perspective to plan, implement the plans if the result is positive i.e. if the reports states that the plan should be conformed with.

Why Us?

Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) Firm helps entrepreneurs and firms to setup their company in Nigeria by providing feasibility study services to help them follow necessary steps or requirements properly to help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives. Our reliable experts are specialized in dealing with matters relating to feasibility studies in a safe and updated manner as we as well have an experienced feasibility study team in Nigeria to assist you with the development and growth of your business.

Providing your company with an opportunity to grow and start your business or projects with a quicker and better plan and also ensure that the contents and formats are useful for the purpose it is created therefore saving you the time of researching, analyzing, documenting and formatting information.

However, our firm can guide you through strategic process services which are established for businesses undertaking strategic review, analysis, choice, implementation and evacuation exercises, we can also help you to undertake the whole strategic process and write a comprehensive feasibility report or focus on the important area in other to reduce the lengthiness of the report so it would not bore you wile reading.. Our team is knowledgeable in revising and auditing company histories from a legal stance and to provide advice and help on any matters which need clarity or correction. This can be a useful tool if your company want to do refinancing or seeking investment, or if shareholders are discussing an existing business.

Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) Firm can help your organization with the dissolution and liquidation of entities that are undeveloped or no longer required , whether it be the closure of a single entity or the closure of a numerous branch and representatives offices and companies through a range of jurisdictions.

At Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants), we assist business entities in understanding the level of demand for a product or service and the feasibility project as a whole, we assess available resources and the marketability of the product or service and we also identify the right timing for launching a product or service which leads to successful services thereby benefiting from proven track record in similar projects.

We at Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants) have the skills and expertise needed to undertake and complete a comprehensive feasibility studies, addressing your needs making use of our assess to recent industry reports and broad database of information that we have built over years of meaningful service, our reports provided are not only practical and logical but also of standard quality examined by different management experts. The reports are also available for critical evaluation from the client and firm required to provide the clients with the answer to the necessary questions.

At Matthew OGAGAVWORIA and Co (Chartered Accountants), we value customer relationship and make sure our customers or clients are properly attended to.

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