It is important for organization to place higher premium on Human Resources issues as they are crucial to the smooth running of the organization. The need to work with Human Resource Advisory  firm is therefore critical even with  the everyday running of the HR department, the Human Resources Advisory firm can take advisory consultative role on best practices for recruitment and retention of employee further as general HR services. At Matthew Ogagavworia & Co as a HR advisors firm we supervise the HR managerial processes in our client organization and ensure that organization policies are implemented. We create policies of hiring, compensation, bonus, and departure of staff and we update our policies such as workplace safety, employee rights, and harass between the senior staff and the junior staff. Matthew Ogagavworia & Co give advice to companies on the following

  • Development of Policies & Procedure Manual
  • Salary Grids
  • Performance Appraisal Implementation
  • Development of Performance Policy & Procure
  • Roles & Responsible Regulation

Human Resources Advisory Services on Offer

Development of Policies & Procedure Manual: Matthew Ogagavworia & Co we develop Policies and Procedures manual are document develop to regulate all main decisions, rules and regulations and principles that guide an organization. These document give authority and guidance to our client organization or department, such as dress code, duties hours, recruitment practices etc.

At Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we provide our Clients with the sample policies and procedures stated hereunder.

  • Employment procedures
  • Work from home policies
  • Organization culture
  • Employee benefits
  • Communication policies
  • Payment procedures
  • Workplace guidelines
  • Employee code of conduct
  • Technology usage procedures

All organization faces challenges in the workflow of their business cycle and it requires information to structure the company methodology, philosophy, mission, vision. This is the purpose of policy and procedure manual.

At Matthew Ogagavworia & Co , we help our client to develop Policy and procedure manual help organization in many ways

  • Setting expectations: we helps our client to develop their company mission, reputation, vision all together. In addition, we set standards of conduct, behavior, and performance of workers. Hence, the policies & procedure manual clearly defines expectations for workers by providing a sources of reference for them to envision on their duties.
  • Enhancing Employee Productivity: Our policies and procedures manual is an authoritative resource for answers to common queries associated with our client business. Properly documented manuals speed up the method of decision making for workers and facilitate them follow rules regarding business tips. Eventually, leading to higher productivity.
  • Improving Communication: Matthew Ogagavworia & Co policies & procedures manual have become valuable communication tool for efficiently processing all organization and for reducing transmission gaps. We simplified our client policies and procedures by communicated putting them online using information management software to be an easier way for their staffs

Other Policies & Procedure engagement, we have include:

Our policies and procedures include

  • Reducing Employee Training Times
  • Ensuring Compliances with the Law

Sample of our policies and procedure manual template

  • Add Title
  • Description of the Policy
  • Purpose of The Policy
  • Conditions of The Policy
  • Scope of policy and procedure
  • Responsibilities
  • Procedures in Details
  • Reference
  • Help Lines/Pages


Our Clients also enjoy benefits of the following  types of policies such as

  • Organizational Policies
  • Functional Policies
  • Originated Policies
  • General Policies
  • Written Policy

Types of Procedure

  • Transform procedures
  • Source procedures
  • Target procedures


Salary Grids

Matthew Ogagavworia & Co help organization to establish salary grids that promotes salary and ensure equality among their staff. We achieve this by conducting rigorous research which include:

Determination of the Organization’s Compensation Philosophy

Conducting Job Analysis

Group Jobs into Job Families

Ranking Positions Using a Job Evaluation Method

Conducting Market Research

Creating Job Grades

Creating a Salary Range Based on Research

Updating and Aging


It is very important that organization explain why they pay their staff a certain rate and set salary grids process that can help them achieve these. The reason for this guidelines is to produce a simple process of compensation grades and with range of staff. It is the major use and practice to meet the organization needs and goals.

Matthew Ogagavworia & Co set up a range on how our client paid their staff salary. We prepared salary structures that decides by the improvement of staff which give rise to the increase of their salary such as the performance of staff, length of employment, years of been employed into the organization. We majorly uses this to present the salary to our client which differentiate with grade or level of staff.


Performance Appraisal Services

This is the periodic assessment of an employee’s job performance as measured by the competency expectations set out by the organization. At Matthew Ogagavworia & Co Performance Appraisal Implementation is one key instrument we use to measure our performance and our client organization. Majorly we focus on our client Organization we create performance appraisal and implement it in their organization to measure the performance of their staff and the work they are capable of or offer to their companies. Our performance appraisal result are relevant and important to all our client. The evaluation from staffs and executive we use to decide the employee compensation and promotion.


Development of Performance Policy & Procedure

At Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we develop effective performance management systems for our client. We understand the challenges in performance management and take them under consideration when designing and implementing performance measure systems. Performance policy and procedure can be develop in the following ways.

Consistent policy goals and objectives: Policy goals and objectives that change or are inconsistent can render performance measurement systems meaningless and act as a constraint on opportunities to maximize the economic outcome and efficiency of public procurement operations of our client. Matthew Ogagavworia & Co we are consistency in the policy we develop and other objectives is therefore a critical element in effective performance assessment and management.

Accurate and reliable statistical information: MOC performance policy and procure is dependent on good quality, accurate, relevant, with an appropriate information given to us by our client for to measure significant effort on the data collected for practical use.

Apart from all this we advise all our client on the following area

Maximizing purchasing power by focusing on strategic sourcing and obtaining the best value.

Leveraging its expertise in contract negotiations and supplier management to advantage in there company

Streamlining processes and investing in new technologies to provide administrative efficiencies.

Ensuring that purchases are made in accordance with all the rules and regulation that guide the product they are purchasing.

Minimizing risk exposure while maintaining flexibility in procurement activity.

Roles & Responsible Regulation Services

Matthew Ogagavworia & Co our Roles and Responsibilities to our client are valuable and important to us. This roles and responsibilities keeps us together and makes us work smoothly. Part of roles are as follows

  • We solve all the HR issues that the business is facing.
  • We validate our client employee job description
  • We advise the managers on the types of recruitment and selection strategies
  • We trained and hired managers we conduct interview to evaluate their techniques.
  • We developed and assist recruitment campaigns
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of employment with staff
  • Providing advice and playing a major role in work reviews and change processes
  • Using HR information systems to access, input and compile data
  • Identifying development needs
  • We coordinate human resource director and human resource team and supply support to all or any development activities and supply support to all or any line managers and staff for all policies and procedure.

Require Human Resources Services?

We design all ideas and style all final materials for human resource activities and prepare unexpected reports and supply administrative support to all or any processes and maintain data of all practices and administer the implementation of latest programs.

We provide coaching for all or any staff as per demand and maintain all files, records and supply updates at intervals needed timeframe and screen all resumes and perform all interviews.

For all your Human Resources  Services, please call 08023200801 or 08075765799 or email Alternatively, you can fill the contact form below



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