In an environment where the only continuous thing is change, learning has become completely vital to every organization’s competitiveness. The upsurge of learning has triggered an intense change in exactly what learning means in an organizational context. Therefore, it has become vital to fundamentally reconsider and redesign traditional approaches to managing training teams, training programs and training organisations.

Learning and development services is essential for the training of employee of an organization. Employees needs to relearn and unlearn, so they can develop in their chosen career within the organization.

In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we help people to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations, so they have more impact. We render learning and development services to organisations so they can learn how to make the most of their talent, ideas, resources and energy and enjoy themselves while you are doing it.

Our Learning and development services makes employees of an entity, to grow their ability to support and develop others through coaching, facilitation and action learning.


In this fast-paced world, it is very important to keep up to speed with developments in regulation, technology and standards. Our firm believed that, businesses and individuals who are given adequate training and support in their professional development are expected to be more motivated with an advance knowledge-based which will definitely leads to an increase in overall productivity.


Matthew Ogagavworia & Co have a proven track record of delivering eLearning, In-house, public, blending learning and virtual learning for so many big and recognized companies in Nigeria.


In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co our goal is to provide continuous learning and development services, which will focus on the individual and group and employ the most innovative learning methods to strengthen and develop our client’s skills.


All our training package is established to fit the extraordinary needs of your entity and is delivered by a live trainer in an interactive forum


We confidently believed that, any company that ensure training, and invest on the most innovative training programmes for the development of technical and managerial skills of their employee will definitely promote the values of their company.


Our firm promote and develop advanced learning and development courses with different companies, institutions and so on.  We also carry out introduction and cross-functional skills courses for companies.


We also carry out knowledge management initiatives by providing specialist support for designing and implementing projects for the dissemination and development of skills and strategic know-how of our client’s staff.

Continuous learning is a key ingredient for success and a way to

Future-proof your company.


Employee training is the responsibility of the organization and employee development is a shared responsibility of management and individual employee. Then, it is the duty of management of all organization to provide the right resources and environment that supports the growth and development needs of their individual employee.


Therefore, our learning and development services will be provided in such a way that:-

  • It will encourage management to look for learning opportunities in every-day activity.
  • It will let our clients know more about employee development process
  • Will encourage their staff to develop individual developments plan
  • Will support staff when they identify learning activities that make them an asset to their organization both now and in the future
  • It will assist the organization’s management to provide a well-crafted job description and so on.
  • It will help our client’s identify goals and activities for development and prepare an individual development plan.
  • It will ensure your organization has a true and sustainable competitive advantage and discover new approaches and techniques for building organizational unity.
  • It will provide Management staff of our client’s organization with innovative skills, behaviors and strategies for recruiting employees, promoting employee development,             reducing employee turnover and retaining a talented, flexible and diverse workforce.


Through our independent training needs analysis, training design services and coaching  and mentoring support, we will work with your entity to understand your current challenges and we will break down the issues you face and asses your requirements in order to provide training solutions, matched with your company’s need  and deliver the results you want.


Our company helps individuals improve their performance by developing their leadership capability and personal skills.


In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we believed that, even the best employees in your organization needs to be continuously developing their skills so as to meet the needs of your organization as they comes up.


The development of employees leads to resourceful and value-added operational processes which are a competitive advantage in the current business and economic climate. Therefore, let Matthew ogagavworia & Co help your entity by empowering your most valued resource which are your staff


We as well believed, any team that engages in all-time learning will not only remain significant but can also desire to be one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, implementing skill based learning and development strategy can ensure that continuous learning and training become core value of your business.


Our learning and development services has been designed in such a way that we will work closely with you to formulate an individual skill based learning and training program for your organization.


Learning is a life-long process and there is never a point at which you can stop learning or you will say you don’t need to learn again. In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we believed that, if you want to be one of the smartest people in your organization or be a sough-after professional, then you need to engage yourself in our learning and development services. Whether you are a Director or manager in your organization or you work in human resource department of your organization or just an employee, you will need some skills to improve on your career and personal life.


Our Learning and development services provides access to further training and education in  a controlled environment and this will empower your employees to work productively which will definitely increase your entity profit.


Companies, in this era are much aware that training employees in various areas is crucially significant to maintaining good relationships with their customers and developing a successful business. And, any organisations that try to be on the path of continuous learning will often found out that upgrading the soft skills of their team is an integral part of their growth and business development.


Investment in learning and developments will definitely bring about greater returns on investment for employers, while simultaneously generating a more competent workforce with enhanced future employment visions.


When rendering our learning and development services, we imbibe some of the universal skills we believed every employee should have. And this universal skills are (but not limited to):-

  • Team Player
  • Customer service
  • Time Management
  • Computer Literacy and so on.


We believed that, no matter the sector you’re operating, there are set of universal skills you should possess as an employee in order to thrive in the business environment. So, when we are consulted for learning and development services, we will ensure that, we train employees on all the necessary things they need to know in order to grow their entity.


Employees tends to be more productive when they are informed and engaged


Our company keep your existing employees up to date with the latest developments and as well equip your new employees with tools they require to shine in your entity. We will as well leverage on immersive e-learning technology to aids you accomplish your entity developmental objectives.


Our aims is to offer business-training solutions which will be engrossed on transforming businesses and empowering learners with the tools to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in their work.


Our company develop appealing and operational learning content that is judiciously shaped to fit into the envisioned audience and also to meet the required objectives.


We make use of animation, videography, photography, instructional design, audio integration and outstanding graphics to exemplify operational and real-world learning experiences. We as well provide scenario-based, immersive learning methodologies and motivational design to engage learning which will definitely be effective.


Our firm believed that learning and development supposed to be engaging and powerful, that’s why we focus on offering learning programmes with soft skills that motivates the learner’s mind and heart of success. Basically, Learning and developments should be something you must be doing every day.


At Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we recognize the importance of training. We are quite aware that well trained employees are very crucial to the survival of any organization. We as well know that organization used to face financial challenges, and trying to found a balance between budget decisions and motivating employees through effective training.  Therefore, Matthew Ogagavworia & Co offer cutting edge value for money learning and development services, which are designed to address your unusual needs and cater for your shortages.


Matthew Ogagavworia & Co help companies to develop their most significant asset which is their people.  And our training courses are been run by our highly experienced and reputable facilitators.  Our training courses are interactive stimulate discussions, fun filled and ideas.


In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, the skills, capabilities and knowledge of our people are fundamental to our success.  This is why our company is fully devoted to mounting a continuous learning culture.


Basically, in a world where access to information is the key to remaining competitive, entities rely on their people constantly learning new skills, making innovative solutions to changing conditions and staying informed and approachable.


During the formation of our company, we inculcate a clear order to provide business and people development solutions by making use of various training and consulting services. We prompt change and reinvent organizations by guiding employees and companies towards net outcomes, accomplishing the business transformation which our clients has envision.


Why Matthew Ogagavworia & Co?

  • We will assist your company in upholding continuous learning at all departments in your
  • We will build the framework which will ensure the success and sustainable capability development of your entity.
  • We will create introductory familiarity and skills in safety, operations and sustainability of your entity
  • We will as well commence performance gap analysis, which is, recognizing where work outcomes or practices are not reaching expectations and what the missing factors area.
  • We will incorporate expansions plans into your company’s programme and so on.
  • We will assist individual employee in your organization in improving their performance by increasing their leadership competence and personal skills.
  • We will assist your company in undertaking diagnostic investigations and identifying what bring about the issues in terms of business processes, procedures, people, culture or values.



In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we are fervent about making a difference through our learning and development services which will transform our clients’ managers, teams and company to be more business-focused.  We believed that, learning and development is more than been a single event, it is life-time journey for any organization that want to grow.


Therefore, with our reliable consultants and team, we will help you at every step of the way, in order to uplift your business to an enviable state. We will deliver high quality pragmatic learning and business transformation on an international scale, which will offer a true resource with very high level of practical experience.

Learning & Development Service Offering

In Matthew Ogagavworia & Co, we have expertise in learning and development services which comprises of:-

  • Leadership and coaching
  • Change management
  • Communication
  • Career development
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Management and supervision
  • Performance management
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview and Selection
  • Disciplinary processes: misconduct and performance
  • Training needs analysis
  • Team building and effectiveness
  • Career transition including effective job seeking skills


In conclusion, our Learning and development services moves beyond theory, we as well give your company valuable real-world insights. Hence, you can trust us to provide consistent and high-quality learning and development services to your organization at every level – anywhere in the world. However, our team of consultants are dedicated, considerate and ingenious and this make them the very best in Nigeria. We have eyes for detail, understanding of people and alliance with our clients objectives and this distinguish Matthew Ogagavworia & Co from others in Nigeria.

To learn more how we can help you our services discussed here, please reach us now on 08023200801, email enquiry@mocaccountants.com or send us a detailed request by completing our enquiry form





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