Change the way your organization works and see the positive impact it will have on your business. Combining the way your business strategy and goals with people, processes, technology and data will help you to have the ability to optimize and improve the way your business operate. As your management consultant, we are always ready to support you.

At Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, our Management Consulting Services gives the best solutions to every business challenge that faces people, technology, data, and finances. We provide to organizations, strategic leadership and transformational insights, obtained through our numerous years of experience. We also give practical guidance and recommendations. We will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, in order to achieve optimal results that matter to you. Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, we offer a variety of management consulting services that our clients’ needs today, and meeting their needs in future. Our management consulting services include:

  • Risk Management

Matthew Ogagavworia & Company Risk Management team of experts analyzes risk from a unified viewpoint. We explore risk relationships within your organization in order to create a more sophisticated understanding of your company’s risks. It does not matter the stage of your business, our team can assist you in Risk management efforts. We help you to achieve the following:

  • A proven process to identify and assess material risks
  • develop specific mitigation strategies
  • Assess enterprise-wide technology platforms for ongoing monitoring and reporting.


  • Branding Advisory:

At Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, we assist clients in growing their brands from strength to strength and help them to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. From conducting brand audits to deriving brand strategies, each stage is carefully charted to suit each client’s business needs and building their core competencies, channeling hope and potential into reality. We trust that the fundamentals for building a positive brand perception is in conveying a strong, clear and consistent message while providing credibility to both internal and external stakeholders. It is the ability to communicate a brand’s essence and making it relevant to its target audience. We give to our clients, the following:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Differentiation & Positioning
  • Internal Branding
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand Identity
  • Integrated Brand Communication


  • Business Excellence Advisory:

In Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, we help business owners to identify organizational gaps and impart insights on industry best practices to improve the organization. Our Business Excellence Advisory team covers the following areas of a business:

  • Leadership
  • People
  • Customers
  • Processes on how your organization manages and seeks improvements
  • Collection, management and analysis of information to improve and support decision-making at all levels of the organization
  • Business Strategy
  • How you track your organization’s results


  • Business model transformation:

We help organizations grow by defining and focusing on their core areas. We offer you insights and solutions accumulated from extensive experience and intimate industry knowledge to create value for your business. At Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, we make the connection between insights to uncover actionable answers clients need. Positive, measurable business and strategic outcomes are our goals. We consult on the following:

  • Innovation strategy
  • Organization Business Model Strategy
  • Strategic Resource Planning
  • Integrated Solutions Strategy


  • Cost Transformation:

We are here to render a strategic approach to your cost management. We strive to deliver sustainable financial benefits through identifying short-term quick wins in cost savings, as well as longer-term changes that will create a leaner and more operationally efficient and effective organization. We clearly differentiate between the good costs that are necessary for current and future growth and the bad, superfluous costs that hinder growth. In Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, we use benchmarking tools to analyze, ensuring that we always deliver recommendations that can be implemented swiftly. We will always be around to ensure that recommendations are successful. We focus on the following cost cutting opportunities:

  • Optimization of Core and Non-Core Spend
  • Creation of Share Service Centres
  • Supply Chain Restructuring
  • Efficient Asset Utilization
  • Change of Product Mix
  • Process Optimization


  • Financial Advisory and Management:

With our vast experience in business financials, we help both Small, Middle and Large Enterprises (SMEs) to understand current challenges. One of our priorities is to lead them at of the storm. We provide a range of services to boost organizational performance and value. Our services cover the following:

  • Financial Management
  • Internal Management
  • Transaction Advisory


  • Human and Capital Management:

At Matthew Ogagavworia & Company, we recognize Human and Capital management as a key element of a company’s growth. We have a well experienced team members to assist clients in building this aspect of business growth.

Our consulting team works with companies in various industries namely the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, hospitality or the associations to establish and strengthen internal Human Resource processes and systems. We provide the services in the following areas:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Manpower Planning & Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Change Management


  • Marketing Advisory:

We help you to succeed in the complexity of marketing process. Our marketing Advisory team has a proprietary approach to analyze every aspect of your sales and marketing. We provide insights to your customer buying behavior and study the effectiveness of the marketing team’s efforts in addressing it. We recommend actions to target your resource for maximum efficiency, and highlight trends and best-in-class practices to ensure you stay ahead of the game. Our Advisory team works closely with you to ensure continuous and substantial improvements in your marketing process.


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