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Mystery Shopping is the use of individuals trained to experience and measure any customer service process by acting as potential customers or actual customers and in some way to report back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way. A Mystery Shopper can also be called an anonymous customer, a virtual guest, a trial customer, a test client etc. Visits can be done with many different purposes and in many different ways, test visits, pilot visits, baseline measurements etc. Mystery Shopping is a process in which a person visits a retail store, restaurant, bank branch or any such location with the objective of measuring the quality of customer experience.

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The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to define areas with a potential to improve by giving feedback on how the company is perceived from a customer’s perspective.

Companies that use mystery shopping in the right way can increase their sales, satisfied customers, satisfied employees and profit. The Anonymous Customer discovers educational needs and small problems before they expand. Employees can get feedback on how their performance is perceived from a customer’s perspective. The company receives a unified follow up of the concept and the service level, which is a helpful work tool for benchmarking and continuous improvements on all levels in the organization. Mystery Shopping can also be used for incentive programs and as a part of the companies’ Balanced Score Card. Companies hire Mystery Shopping Companies to conduct regular audits on their locations. The mystery shopping companies (also called Mystery Shopping Agencies) find people who match the target customer profile, provide them a questionnaire for recording their experience, and provide some training on how to measure various parameters and this person is called a Mystery Shopper.

These mystery shoppers then visit the location pretending to be a customer and make careful note of things they have been asked to measure. The data is reported to the mystery shopping company, who compiles and analyzes data gathered from different locations to help their clients’ measure and improve their customer experience. Mystery shoppers are usually freelancers or people who do this on the side, and are paid a fee to conduct each mystery audit. If the audit involves purchasing or consuming anything, the mystery shoppers are usually provided a full or partial reimbursement of the money they spend as well.

Reasons for conducting Mystery Shopping are;

  • Whether the organization opens at the right time.
  • Are customers satisfied with your services?
  • Cleanliness of the toilets and general hygiene.
  • Availability of all services provided by the organization.
  • Courteousness of the staffs.

Mystery shopping is definitely an effective tool to gain insight into the customer needs and improve in areas where a company is lacking. It also helps in checking the employees’ morality and effectiveness. However, a challenge with this technique is maintaining mystery shopper quality and integrity.

The Advantages of Mystery Shopping are;

  • Provides robust monitoring of service delivery.
  • Monitors compliance in regulated industries.
  • Improves customer retention.
  • Maintains employee awareness of key service standards.
  • Supports promotional programs.
  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities.

At MOC Accountants, we are business evaluation Services is a full service market, guest satisfaction and compliance audit company. We specialize in mystery shopping and guest satisfaction measurement services for nearly every industry. Our experience has taught us what is important with today’s consumers, and how to measure their guest satisfaction in the most effective ways. The result of our experience is actionable data that you can rely on, we consult each client to gain a better understanding of their current operations and their non-negotiable standards for doing business, and more importantly, what their goals are for growth and improvement. The sectors we cover are;

  • Hospitality, Leisure & Restaurants.
  • Fast Food, Convenience & Forecourts.
  • Online, e-commerce & Call Centers.
  • Financial Services.
  • Property Developers & Estate Agents.
  • Health, Wellbeing & Spas.

Our web-based mystery shopping programmes involve evaluating a client’s web experience from a customer’s perspective. Often this process will be performed in conjunction with the concurrent analysis of core competitor websites. The process typically involves setting a brief for our panel of assessors to investigate specific products, services and information. Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services, the information you receive is not only accurate but actionable.

At MOC Accountants, we develop your customer service into the process which can be measured using evaluation parameters, compared and managed. We help assessing your situation in the competitive environment (benchmark), help to identify training needs, allow to enhance motivation programs, measure the effectiveness of applied instruments of changes, provide information for regular staff meetings (daily, weekly, etc.).

Finally, MOC Accountants can undertake all your company’s Mystery shopping services requirement as we have professionals who would undertake this project without any blemish and our records so far has proven us worthy in other for you to contact us without fear. Also note that, if you need assistance in other areas such as accounting, payroll, Pension Compliance issues, tax, public relations, marketing, web domain registration, debt recovery, business plan and setup, we can help too as we are experts at what we do. At MOC Accountants, we value customer relationship and make sure our customers or clients are properly attended to.


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