Small Business Solutions Services

Critical Issues Facing Small Business:

  • Managing Cash Flows
  • Growing Market Share
  • Capital Raising
  • Management
  • Competition

Small Business Solutions Services

Matthew Ogagavworia & Co Small Business Solutions covers the whole gamut of issues small business grapple with in the first five years. They include; Organizational structure, building structures in the business, processes and procedures, management, record keeping, tax and regulatory compliance issues, financial reporting, cash management and market share development and dealing with competition.

  • Dramatically save time and money
  • Drive revenue and business performance
  • Emjoy experience, professional advise etc
  • Small Business Solutions ServicesSmall Business Solution is often in terms of marketing and advertisement, payroll, accounting market research and investigation, and other essential business Technology. There are companies set up to solve specific business problems as they specialize in a given niche market depending on the problems. Small businesses needs software unification in the modern workplace including more technical solutions which has become necessary for communication, cyber security which is really important, influencer marketing, 5G, social Medial Advertising and Artificial Intelligence.

    Basically, a business solution comes in terms of marketing and advertising, payroll, accounting market research, investigation and the utilization of productivity software to reduce cost and improve customer service contributes to the growth of any business, the provision of a good level of customer service, minimizing of operational costs and the maximization of revenues are one out of many elements that contributes to the growth of any business.

    The importance of technology in businesses cannot be underrated as it helps companies to achieve the necessary goals and objective, business problems are current or long term challenges and issues faced by a business which may prevent business form executing strategy and achieving goal and in some cases they threaten the long term survival of a firm.

    Technology affects a firm’s ability to communicate with customers as it is important in today’s business environment for employees to interact with clients quickly and clearly as websites allows customers to find answers to their questions. When customers use technology to interact with a business the business benefit stronger because better communication creates better public image, technology also helps a business understand its cash flow needs and preserve precious resources which includes time and physical space. Technology creates a team dynamic within a business because employees at different locations have better interactions, technology can also be used to protect data, confidential executive decisions and other information relating to the company and its customers or clients that leads to competitive advantage.

    A business that has the technological capacity to research new opportunities will stay a step ahead of its competitors because for a business to survive it must grow and acquire new opportunities, you can help your business grow by;

    • Getting to know your customers
    • Offering great customer service
    • Nurturing existing customers and looking for new opportunities
    • Using social media
    • Hosting events
    • Giving back to your community
    • Measuring what works and the approach to be used

    Challenges and problems associated with growth can be avoided or dealt with when you plan your business growth as poor planning is one of the main challenges to growing a business, maintaining business relationships is important as customer relationship should not be overlooked so as to make customers continue to patronize your services, your staffs should be managed and motivated properly in other for them to be happy to relate with customers properly and as a business owner you should know how to manage your workload as this is really important.

    At MOC Accountants we are fully aware of the importance of Small Business Solution services as it is conducted by a qualified Small Business Solution service provider with a good background knowledge, our experts at MOC Accountants are qualified to do this as we know the basics and the necessary things to be known as a Small Business Solution service provider. We are to help you become the expert your support center needs with a recognized experience in the type of operation to be examined and also asset to improve the areas needed to be improved on in your organization.

    Who Are We?

    MOC Accountants undertakes Small Business Solutions services for its clients or customers. The firm was registered as a limited liability company at the Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2012.

    Our company advises clients on matters involving business establishment in Nigeria with so many other services and commences the incorporation of companies at the Corporate Affairs Commission.

    We support your company with your business objective which is really important to us as a service provider. MOC Accountants firm specializes in business-oriented support activities, in the face of ever-transforming global executive environment, our company take pride in our ability to familiarize to the market and devise innovative strategies to help firms with their vision, mission and objectives.

    We help and advice organizations in complying with government regulations, for instance, Pencom Compliance, ITF compliance, NSITF Compliance, Insurance Compliance, Compliance with Tax Laws and Tax Authorities and so on.

    MOC Accountants firm also assist private and public companies be it new or old with foreign equity participation in their capital structure and attaining foreign investment approvals, which such companies are statutorily required to obtain. We work with our clients or customers to make the right decision about technology investments and Information Technology decisions so that you can fully focus on growing your business as we help businesses of every size invest smarter.

    Our processes helps you understand that as technology is creating exciting opportunities in every Industry, we have to get the right infrastructure, management tools and processes because if this is not properly done it is easy for you to get stuck instead of moving forward.

    Our group is made up of seasoned professionals with far-reaching experience on Small Business Solutions services in Nigeria who would enable you make smart technology decisions so you can drive down costs or reduce costs, increase revenue and also innovate for the future.

    At MOC Accountants, our Small Business Solutions service provider understands the challenges businesses face which includes added security risk, modern workforce expectation and advancing technology as it is easy to lose sight of what really matters which would make you serve your customers well and strengthen your business. We would help you implement solutions that addresses today’s priorities and also plan for the future as we would help your organization find solutions to their business by improving efficiency, agility and productivity which are really important to stay ahead. Our Small Business solutions are actionable and customizable which are designed for established company and rising startups.

    Our Small Business Solutions services provides you with experts that would help you grow your business and also help you take your business into the future by;

    • Optimizing Efficiency
    • Identifying risks and providing solutions
    • Increasing business visibility
    • Providing website solutions
    • Website Designs
    • Website Makeovers
    • Blog Design
    • Website management and maintenance
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    • Business Solutions
    • Strategic planning and implementation
    • Sales and Marketing solutions
    • Document Preparation
    • Business and strategic plans
    • Investor Presentations
    • Review and Critique
    • Consulting or Mentoring
    • Marketing solutions
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Design Services
    • Printing Services
    • Internet Marketing
    • Contract Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Business identity
    • Promotions and Events
    • Marketing
    • Holidays and so on

    MOC Accountants would support you for long term solutions such as management of social media marketing, overseeing your facility management or perform financial functions as we would also collaborate with you for short term solutions such as developing procedures, project managing, and the installment of your Information Technology or working with contractors to build your new space.

    Why companies need Small Business Solution Services

    Companies need small business services because it helps to implement appropriate solutions, it helps to maintain systems, it helps to monitor usage, it helps to educate staff, it helps to prevent breaches, it helps to maximize profit.

    The use of this service helps to build your relationship with your customers, helps to reduce cost, helps to secure the data of your clients or customers and that of your company thereby leading to the growth of your company and also helps to plan for the future for your company or organization.

    Therefore, MOC Accountants Small Business Solutions Services makes it simple to take your small business to where you want it to be, whether you have many employees or not you can use soft wares available through MOC Accountants time tracker to make sure you are staying on task and target for your business goals. Our data can be easily coped into excel for faster and easier reporting as the data which has been gathered for easier integration across all areas of your company can be shared.

    Why Us?

    MOC Accountants help entrepreneurs and firms to grow and develop their company in Nigeria by providing Small Businesses Solutions services to help you make your business a success by providing solutions which are tailored to fit your business at the same time maximizing effective productivity which would also help you thrive in this era of rapid change as well as providing customized services to keep your work environment and your business strong and thriving.

    Our reliable experts are specialized in dealing with matters relating to Small Business Solutions services in a safe and updated manner as we have the right processes put in place to enhance the productivity of your business, we understand that small business have unique needs when it comes to support services and they have the same task to accomplish as larger companies but with less staffs and fewer resources. As our Small Business Solution experts are experienced and they deliver reliable processes, best practice, quality customer service, high performance support, we also help you attract and keep your customers with affordable marketing services while helping you create the work environment needed by you to sustain growth with innovative Human Resources support.

    In a competitive environment it is important for Small Business Solutions consultants to ensure that they have a reliable network and their employees are increasingly mobile and we offer affordable small business solutions which are important for growing businesses.

    At MOC Accountants we have reliable connections between your network and to the internet to keep your employees and your customers happy as we help to keep that secret recipe, patent pending processes and your customers data protected from threats as security is the main thought. We have an extensive experience in the development of appropriate Information Technology to ensure that your business grows well and able to plan well into the future.

    At MOC Accountants, we have competencies in Small Business services as assist in developing your strategy, offer feedbacks and take care of all time consuming details thereby enabling you to run your business. We understand budget and time restraints as we know about deadlines and the overwhelming feeling of needing more business as we can do it all or provide adequate tools which would enable you do it yourself with proper guidance form our experts on Small Busies Solution Services. The building and maintenance of trust has never been more challenging as we provide trust making it a big responsibility and it is evident in everything we do.

    We at MOC Accountants have the skills and expertise needed to undertake and complete a comprehensive Small Business Solution service as we work with your staffs who can oversee the project regardless of the scope by becoming familiar with your business and make recommendations and also save your company valuable time and money with future projects. Note that technology, business practices and the economy are changing rapidly and we at MOC Accountants would keep you up to date with valuable resources as our goal is to make Business Solution centers your Complete Small Business Solution.

    The reports are also available for critical evaluation from the client and firm required to provide the clients with the answer to the necessary questions at the same time boosting our clients’ confidence in their business.



    Tap expertise

    Outside Opinion


    Freer time and save money


    Finally, MOC Accountants can undertake all your company’s Small Businesses Solutions services requirement as we have professionals who would undertake this project without any blemish and our records so far has proven us worthy in other for you to contact us without fear.

    Also note that, if you need assistance in other areas such as accounting, payroll, Pension Compliance issues, tax, public relations, marketing, web domain registration, debt recovery, business plan and setup, we can help too as we are experts at what we do. At MOC Accountants, we value customer relationship and make sure our customers or clients are properly attended to.

    We are at your service. Contact 08023200801,



Our Small Business Solutions is for companies with less than 500 Staff on its payroll

Available through face to face interaction, one-on-one  or on site.

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